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Business Owners

As a successful business owner, the demands of the business may start to nestle into your personal life, consuming more and more of your time. To assist you in maintaining a more balanced lifestyle, we help take on much of the financial oversight and management, acting similar to a “CFO” to help you establish and manage a strong financial foundation, tax management strategy, exit strategy and/or succession plan. Our goal is to help you increase profitability and quality of life by helping you identify and pursue your best financial opportunities, on both a business and personal level. Amongst the other essential areas of financial planning, we focus on helping business owners manage taxes, protect their business and other assets, establish a sound retirement plan, and formulate an efficient exit strategy and/or succession plan.

Establishing a strong financial foundation for your business is about more than monitoring cash flow and meeting quarterly goals. Many have to consider how to recruit and maintain top employees, protect the company against legal action, and create a succession strategy for the future. At ProWealth, we understand the intricacies involved with running a business, and we’re here to offer customized solutions that support your company’s entire financial picture.

We’ll analyze where your business is now and talk about where you’d like to be in the future, both personally and professionally, so we have a clear picture of all your needs and goals. As a business owner, you rely on the success of your company to ensure your personal finances stay on track, and your personal goals often influence your business. That’s why ProWealth helps you see the whole picture as we develop customized strategies to help you meet your objectives.

We’ll identify potential gaps and areas of improvement, then help you find the right solutions to support the success of your business and your future. We offer innovative strategies to ensure you have everything you need for each stage of your business’s growth, along with what you need to efficiently transition into a fulfilling retirement.


Years of education and training for your career can take a toll on your finances. Student loans accumulate while you’re in school and residency; then long hours and stressful days make it difficult to gain traction in your finances once you begin your career. Simply put, striking a balance between your lifestyle and financial freedom requires time and attention you don’t have to spare.

We understand the financial challenges that come with being a doctor, surgeon, or dentist. Your dedication to serving others comes with a unique set of financial considerations for your practice and your personal life, and you deserve the guidance of a trusted professional to help you navigate your priorities and needs.

Our goal is to help you increase profitability and quality of life by helping you identify and pursue your best financial opportunities. Amongst the other essential areas of financial planning, we focus on helping physicians manage debt, manage taxes, protect their practice and other assets from lawsuits, establishing a sound retirement plan and exit strategy.

Your financial situation differs from the average individual or business owner, and we’re committed to tailoring a customized strategy that addresses each of your specific needs and objectives. We’ll discuss your values, goals, and circumstances, then customize a strategy that suits you and your family’s situation. From student loans to asset protection, taxes to retirement, and debt to insurance, we’ll help you identify precisely what you need to achieve financial clarity and balance.


Everyone has a different vision about what their picturesque retirement looks like. Although retirement means a new phase of life, it does not have to mean the end of a lifestyle. While you establish your career and goals in the present, your wealth should be building a future for you and your loved ones. Tailored decumulation strategies can help to efficiently sustain your lifestyle as well as the longevity of your resources, allowing you to spend more time with grandkids, travel the world, or devote more of your time to serving others. At ProWealth, we believe retirement planning means securing your financial future so you have freedom for your time. Whether you want to continue running your business as long as possible or you plan to leverage an employer’s pension plan in the next several years, we will help you determine the steps to take to create a secure future you’ll be excited about.

We offer multiple tools to help you protect your wealth and maximize your current earnings. When you work with us, we’ll discuss any planning you’ve already done, when you’d like to retire, and what a fulfilling retirement means to you. Then we’ll help you determine how your retirement goals influence your current financial strategies and identify the best solutions to help you reach your goals. Once you retire, we can also help you manage and monitor your financial picture to stay on track. We’ll develop a personalized plan that allows you to focus on the present while you establish a rewarding future.

Whether your retirement seems like a distant dream or like it’s just around the corner, your planning starts now. Let us help you make wise decisions and leverage opportunities to design your ideal future.

Corporate Executives

You didn’t get where you are today without setting goals and establishing smart habits. In order to succeed, you had to create a roadmap of what your vision for success looked like and how to get there. You’ve already done the hard work of building an amazing career—now it’s time to take a step back and envision what your financial roadmap looks like in conjunction with your professional success. While you’re focused on your career and your family, we’ll be here to take care of your financial details and make sure your efforts and resources to you are maximized as efficiently as possible.

With substantial success often comes a more complicated financial picture. As you acquire more assets and your wealth increases, it’s even more important than ever that you understand and take advantage of the different avenues of growing and smartly preserving your portfolio. We understand the challenges of your busy lifestyle, which is why we take the time to get to know you and review your entire financial picture—then, once we have an idea of your values, goals, assets, and opportunities, we’ll help you establish strong habits and outline objectives that make it simple to stay on track without overwhelming your time.

You don’t have to worry or wonder if you’re taking the right steps to protect your assets or prepare for your future, because we’ll monitor your portfolio regularly and review your progress with you. We’ll let you know when it’s wise to take a risk, take a step back, or consider a new strategy for growth. Whatever your vision of success looks like, we’re here to ensure your finances are protected and working on your behalf to create a secure and prosperous future.